Sunday, October 30, 2016

Holidaze! Harvest Festival LotRO

Harvest Festival | LotRO

from the LotRO wiki:

"Each race knows it by a different name:

Harvest Festival for Hobbits
Havestmath for Men / Women
Autumnfest for the Dwarves
Iavasmereth for Elves"

In between my many Real Life server responsibilities, I am seeking to take advantage of the many offerings during the Harvest Festival, which runs from Oct 18th to Nov 3rd, 2016. There are so many great things to get, if I have the time to get in game and obtain the tokens to barter for them — many clothing items, masks, housing items, handheld items like steins and pretzels AND a basket full of apples, the dances and the BOO! emote ... and more!
    WoW and WoW Challenge and Pet Collectors all left behind. Maybe more on that later.

    Pretzels, ho!