Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Games for mac

Minecraft and Guild Wars II work fine on a mac.

I played Guild Wars II, aka GW2, for several months, starting last September. Maybe a few months before that, I tried Minecraft, which was suggested to me by my nephew. I was so disappointed at not being able to return to Everquest 2, and also Lord of the Rings Online that I just lost interest in posting here.

I do have some screenshots floating around somewhere, and may post some of them.

I am now just playing Minecraft, and have some recent screenshots. For a "basic" game, with simple graphics, Minecraft is really very engaging. The game dynamics, if that is the proper term, are what makes Minecraft so entertaining, as well as the features of the game.

I like that I can play in either Single Player or Multiplayer mode. Also, being able to choose either Survival or Creative mode is another great feature, as well as world interaction modes from Peaceful (Passive) to Hard mode.

Many very creative people play Minecraft, and have produced a number of great mods. There are also many great videos of Minecraft tutorials and gameplay. "Vanilla" (unmodded) Minecraft has much to offer by itself, but adding mods gives many, many more options for gameplay.

Being able to interact with and alter the environment in Minecraft in many ways can provide endless hours of game play.

I can raze a complete forest or jungle, demolish a mountain if I so choose. Make a lake, grow a garden, tame wild dogs and cats, and breed cows, chickens and sheep. I can create new materials from gathered materials. Then there is redstone technology, a way of making "machinery" and circuitry to animate aspects of the game. Amazing!

I didn't have as many screenshots as I thought, however I am including one. Below is a picture of my original ostrich farm. This is from a modded version of Minecraft 1.5.2, using MultiMC to create instances of Minecraft, customized as I choose - either vanilla Minecraft, or any combination of Minecrafts mods. I am using Dr. Zhark's Mo' Creatures mod, which adds ostriches to the game. Ostriches can be gotten as tamed pets by gathering and hatching eggs from wild ostriches. After you hatch an ostrich, you can ride them by equipping them with a saddle. Additionally, ostriches can be equipped with armor, to protect them and help them to survive better.

I'll post more info on Minecraft with links to some helpful youtube videos, as well as screenshots of some of my Minecraft world adventures.

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