Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Get Your Grind On: An Invitation from WoW Rare Spawns

"Are you a veteran WoW player who is tired of garrison chores?"
"Raiding got ya down?"
"Leveling alts just not holding your interest right now?"

My answer to all three questions was an emphatic Yes!

These three questions were asked by Euphyly of WoW Rare Spawns in a recent post "Bored? Check out the WoW Ironman Challenge(s)!" 

In preparation to return to the game after a maintenance, I read a few posts from WoW blogs that I've enjoyed in the past, and even added a few more to my favourites on this blog page.

One of the blogs that I've recently become acquainted with is WoW Rare Spawns. In looking up Poseidus last week, the rare sea horse mount, I found a post by Euphyly, the author of WoW Rare Spawns. How have I never seen her blog before? It is wonderful! Many well written, informative and very interesting posts, with a colourful and appealing interface. I guess I haven't seen her before because I haven't been too interested in finding rares, not like I used to.

To briefly sum up her post - there are WoW challenges, serious WoW challenges - the WoW Ironman Challenge, the WoW Pacifist Challenge and the WoW Bloodthirsty Challenge. All the terms and conditions of these challenges are defined and monitored when one signs up for the challenge on their WoW Challenges website.

You may have already heard of the Pacifist Challenge, as it has been discussed and featured in various places on the web for at least a few years now. The main requirement is, of course, that you cannot do any damage ever. Secondly, you must remain alive throughout. If you die, you start over. There are other requirements which are are discussed on WoW Rare Spawns blog and WoW Challenges website.

I've always found solace ingame from those tasks that others many find boring, though I know that there are many others like me who love the grind and love to farm materials. There are also times when I love to mindlessly kill things over and over and OVER! Here is a grind with quite a different twist. I just may take up one of these challenges.

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