Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Love Rocket is Dead, Long Live the Love Rocket

For the past 2 years that I've been back in WoW, it has seemed like catch up all the way. I haven't gotten back into raiding, as I am not happy with lfr. I loved raiding with my guild back in the day and lfr is just too random and often unsatifying or downright awful. Now, I have lost track of all my old guild mates, and have not been drawn to joining another guild.

I re-prioritized my game goals, and dedicated myself to pet collecting, while slowly transferring my few high level characters to my current server, and then leveling them all. No raiding, no push for achievements, no mount collecting or anything else ... just battle pets and character improvement. Now I have 731 pets and 5 level 100 characters on my main server and I have become weary from the grind. I have to say though, I love grinding and I love farming, or I would not have lasted this long.

Oh, and one must not forget the holidays! Pets and holiday rewards - Merriment's Domain!

This brings me back around to yesterday's post - "Where's My Lucky (Lovely) Charms" - Lovely Charms and Love is in the Air - and yet again NO Love Rocket. Questioning myself - why am I still playing this game? One of the reasons was to keep on participating in the holiday quests, for surely after 11 1/2 years of WoW, this year had to be the year that I got that Love Rocket.

Would my continuance in playing be dependant upon that one mount? Would my bitterness about the evilness and cruelty of rng cause me to rage quit?

After expressing my disappoint in trade chat about not getting the Love Rocket, and having been witness to a lengthy sermon on how Rare was Rare, did I know what Rare meant, and did I realize that if everyone had gotten that mount that it would no longer BE Rare ... the dogma of WoW, oh my word! I decided to yet again shift my priorities. I have come to this conclusion - the Love Rocket is dead to me, long live the Love Rocket!

WoW RNG will rarely be kind, and that is that. I have faced the facts.

Whatever is my heart's desire, if I can't obtain it through a reasonable effort, then I'll buy it or a satisfactory replacement with gold or forget about it and move on.

It's not right to fool with the Almighty RNG - Rare is Rare, bro! (and let's explain the seeming sexist use of "bro" - there are no sisters who play WoW, only GIRLS - Guys In Real Life).

All in good fun, my friends, all in good fun.

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