Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Half Elf's Cottage, Fae Inspired, Qeynos Home, eq2

This quaint little room is in the Baubbleshire, one of the basic two room starter homes.

The rug and crates are quest rewards from some of the early Kelethin quests. The barrels and wash basin on the left are purchased from a housing merchant, found in any city. The plants and the acorn chairs are either from one of the monthly City Festivals, or from a Moonlight Enchantments vendor. On the left you can see a room divider, which can be crafted very early in crafting. These are great to use for decorating, especially in a two room starter home because you can easily divide the rooms up into smaller rooms, where you can create a theme in each area. On the other side of this divider are an office and a meditation space.

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