Wednesday, May 30, 2012

June City Festival - New Halas EQ2

Norrathian Express Box, New Halas Branch  is the reward for the Halas Postage Collection. This item is for your home, and it is a working mailbox. I love them. It is nice to be able to read one's mail in the privacy of one's own home. You collect purple Shinies around the festival area until you have a completed collection.

The items are of this collection are:
  • Halas letterhead
  • Halas stamp
  • Halas envelope
  • Halas notepaper
  • Halas postmark
  • Halas sealing wax
All the New Halas City Festival items are pictured very nicely on This is an excellent website, which features all the housing items. There are other great sites for this, too, which I'll mention in other posts, as well as putting up a link list of EQ2 housing info sites, one of these days soon.

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