Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Priestess' Home, Gorowyn, eq2

Entrance to Priestess home -

Situated in the city of Gorowyn, this two room starter home can be transformed into quite an elegant space. Here I used elements from a few of the City Festivals, as well as some of the Claimed items (rewards from eq2 to its players, found by typing /claim), in addition to a number of Moonlight Enchantment items, which can be better seen in some of the later images.

Here you see a grand staircase which leads to an upper area, featured by a crafted pool in the foreground. The staircase was created by using Neriak City Festival furniture collection items -  in this case the counters, which were reduced in size to make the steps. The columns, the violet flamed lanterns and the blue flaming chandeliers in some of the images are also from Neriak.

View of the Contemplation Garden from the Entry Hall.

City Festivals items from Kelethin and Neriak, with the large crystal cluster, a barter item from Moonlight Enchantments.

Contemplation Garden. This room is still being worked on. This project was undertaken initially when there was no repeatable quest for Moonlight Enchantments - thus the need for grassy and paved areas, the addition of more plant life, and most probably the removal of the torches, which will be replaced with plant life.

Looking from the Contemplation Garden back out onto the Entry Hall. I hope you enjoyed your visit!

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